About Kwikqy
About Kwikqy

Our secret is our unique corporate culture combined with innovative services

Kwikqy is a collaborative hub, regardless of the work you do. It’s a place where conversations take place, decisions are made and information is always at hand.

About Kwikqy

We believe that all types of companies can benefit from using a Kwikqy to maintain their customer relationships. In fact, we’ve seen steady growth after implementing Kwikqy across a variety of organisations - from local businesses to large conglomerates, from nonprofits to busy wedding cake bakers. With Kwikqy, you’ll not only increase customer satisfaction, but you’ll also grow your sales and manage your revenue with more ease.

Who are we and how to join us?

Who are we and how to join us?

Our greatest asset remains our uniqueness. We don't like thirteen to the dozen.

You will notice this immediately when you meet us, for example when applying for a job. Each of us has an opinion and stands out for it. He or she brings their passion and that is worth its weight in gold. The greatest good is that all Kwikqy employees are there for each other, day and night to serve our customers as well as possible.

We are gamers, tango dancers, band fanatics, techno artists or cooking freaks. If you want to realize Cloud applications for everyone via the internet, you cannot do without them.

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Our core values

Some values that we as a company live for and for. We also work with them: we provide services and products we believe in - knowing that it's really valuable to help people wherever they are, simplify whatever they are and get more of them to work.



Open minded




Our core values

You are included

You are included

At Kwikqy we celebrate inclusion, equality and love for everyone. Whoever you are or want to be, you are welcomed and accepted. We don't judge, gay, queer, he, she, it, be whoever you feel is right.


Creative Agency


Translations & Copywriting




Freelance webdesign

Are you awesome?

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Who are we and how can you add value to Kwikqy?

We live our mission. We want to help companies to work smarter, faster and easier with innovative and self-learning software with their team and customers.

We are building a platform and products we believe in - as well as a strong, diverse team of curious, inquisitive, creative people who want to make the best work of their lives and support-packages each other in the process.

Our leadership includes the most innovative and experienced executives in the technology industry.

Careers at Kwikqy offer all kinds of opportunities and a simpler, more pleasant and more productive working life.

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