We're hiring, also become a digital nomad!

We have a mission to make working life easier, more enjoyable and more productive - for everyone.


Our core values

Some values that we as a company live for and for. We also work with them: we provide services and products we believe in - knowing that it's really valuable to help people wherever they are, simplify whatever they are and get more of them to work.



Open minded




We're growing, are you growing with us?

Kwikqy is growing fast. So fast that we constantly need many new colleagues. Kwikqy is a greenhouse with fun and new ideas that are being rolled out to our current and many new customers. Without you we can never achieve all that. Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset and do you want to be an entrepreneur within a company?

Currently we are looking (for various locations) for:

Junior back-end developer
Internship position also available.

Have more than one year development experience and are you on your way to become a Full Stack Developer? We welcome you!

Senior back-end developer

A ‘super-hero’ Back-end Developer and incredible new team player to join our family and help us to make a real difference.

Social Media & Online presence manager
Internship position also available.

Help Kwikqy get the online attention it deserves. Are you our newest internet guru?

Front-end developer
Internship position also available.

If you like designing things and can work independently as well as in team? Apply now.

Marketing & Design executive
Internship position also available.

Is creating and managing online and offline campaigns in your blood? Can you design as well? We're looking for you.

Acquisition & Account manager
Internship position also available.

Can you talk the talk and walk the walk? Are you convincing and naturally charismatic? Convince us!


Send your CV including motivation letter and photo to: jobs@kwikqy.com. Open applications are always welcome.

We are an international company and our main language is English. You are expected to be advanced in English.

Kwikqy trainee program

As an intern at KWIKQY you become a real digital nomad!

Do you want to do an internship at Kwikqy? Super that we as an internship company have caught your attention! As an intern you have a fresh look at our company and you know the latest developments in your field.

Kwikqy offers two types of internships: graduation internships (research internships) and follow-up internships. You can only do an internship with us if you follow a course that includes an internship. When your training is completed, you can also apply as a starter.

After your internship

Internship at Kwikqy can be the start of a career at our beautiful company. As many as 20% of the interns will work at the internship company after their studies.

Kwikqy trainee program