Kwikqy security

We take security seriously at Kwikqy

We pride ourselves on exceeding the industry standard when it comes to protecting your organization.

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Kwikqy security at its best

All safely managed in the cloud

Storing data and files in our cloud is extremely safe. Next to that you won’t clutter your computer. If your laptop, tablet or smart phone crashes, you’ll still have access to your files which are stored safely in our cloud.

End-to-end encryption

Encryption is the process of scrambling information in data and files in a way that it can’t be understood by unwanted parties. The data is unscrambled, or decrypted, by the other end by anyone who has the encryption key. When you send information through Kwikqy, the information passes onto our encryption servers.

All safely managed in the cloud
Kwikqy & GDPR

Kwikqy & GDPR

It is possible to make Kwikqy compliant to the GDPR or any agreed upon conditions. Kwikqy makes it easy for you to update records accordingly when users request to update or withdraw any data or information.

At Kwikqy we know GDPR continues to be a top priority for companies worldwide it's essential we help you manage that as easily as possible. Kwikqy can help you face GDPR challenges head on and also capitalize on the opportunity to build even better customer relationships.

By default, Kwikqy always offers
  • Consent Management
  • Data Security
  • User Access Rights
  • Right to Erasure

Two- or three-factor authentication

Kwikqy's multi-factor authentication is a security system that requires multiple separate, distinct forms of identification in order to access Kwikqy. The first factor is a password and the second and or third can for example include a text with a code sent to your phone or by scanning a QR-code.


While 2FA does improve security, it is not always completely foolproof. Hackers who acquire the authentication factors can still gain unauthorized access to your account, that's why Kwikqy also offers three-factor-authentication (3FA).

Two- or three-factor authentication
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