Kwikqy Chromebook

Kwikqy works perfectly on your Google Chromebook

Are you looking for a smart software system and a smart computer, secure and ready for immediate use? Then it's time for Kwikqy in combination with a Google Chromebook.

Of course Kwikqy works perfectly on any device and operating system, but Kwikqy is just that little bit smarter with a unique experience on a Google Chromebook.

Getting started is easy

Kwikqy and Chrome OS design is intuitive and helpful. Switching to Kwikqy in combination with a Chromebook is very easy. Especially if you already use Google products such as G-suite.

Get started within seconds

Don't let your productive time get lost on a slow start. Start your Chromebook and immediately answerthat urgent e-mail, make notes during your conversation in Kwikqy, quickly send an online proposal for 'the' ultimate deal to your customer, start a chat and let your customer sign your proposal 'just in time'.


Kwikqy in conjunction with Chrome OS is fast and responsive. The Kwikqy software and your device therefore always respond immediately and you always have your Kwikqy virtual office available immediately, even if you stream videos or have multiple tabs and apps open.

Easy to setup

Buy a Chromebook and simply log into your Kwikqy virtual office for the ultimate experience. You can easily set up Chrome OS and then you can search smartly, sync seamlessly and be productive for up to 12 hours.

Google Chromebook management

Google Chromebook management Kwikqy has been optimally developed to function on a Google Chromebook. As an official partner of Google, we can also manage your Chromebook from the secure Google cloud. Save on your IT costs, hold your office wherever you want, flexibility at its best!

A Google Chromebook in the style of your company? That is possible with Kwikqy!

With Kwikqy in combination with a new Chromebook you have everything you need to successfully run your business. Switching has never been easier.

Smart and tailored to you

Smart features are at the heart of Kwikqy and every Chromebook. The combination of Kwikqy with your Chromebook is smart from the first use and only gets better.

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